Synergy in Action

14th Annual Scientific Meeting Posters

Poster PDFs and abstracts are in alphabetical order by author.

Akiki-Intrinsic Connectivity Networks in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Systematic Graph Theory Approach  (Abstract)

Alphs-Empirical Evaluation of the SIBAT Using Categories Established by 3 Versions of the C-CASA  (Abstract)

Arbatti-Foundations for a Patient-Reported Natural History of Early Parkinson Disease: Cross-Sectional Analysis of the MJFF Fox Insight (FI) Platform  (Abstract)

Atkins-Assessment of iADL Functioning in Individuals with Subjective Cognitive Complaints Using the Virtual Reality Functional Capacity Assessment Tool (VRFCAT)  (Abstract)

Ballard-Clinical Predictors of Antisuicidal Response to Ketamine  (Abstract)

Cormack-Web-Based Computerised Cognitive Testing Using CANTAB: Comparison to In-Person Assessment — Abstract  

Daniel-Does Variation in the Time of Day of PANSS Assessment Effect Symptom Severity?  (Abstract)

Engelhardt-The Rater Applied Performance Scale: Evaluating Clinical Interview Skill via Audio Recordings of MADRS Assessments in a Clinical Drug Trial  (Abstract)

Foff-A Phase 3 Study to Evaluate Pimavanserin for the Treatment of Hallucinations and Delusions Associated With Dementia-Related Psychosis: Study Population and Design  (Abstract)

Geerts-Why Do Amyloid-Modulating Clinical Trials Fail in Alzheimer’s Disease? A Critical Analysis Using Quantitative Systems Pharmacology  (Abstract)

Goeldner-Assessing the Value of an IA Platform During the Screening Period to Evaluate and Predict Adherence to Study Drug Intake During Treatment in an Ongoing Proof Of-Concept Phase 2 Study in Schizophrenia  (Abstract)

Goetghebeur-Cognitive Assessment in Oncology Patients Reveals Age-Sensitive Attentional Impairment and Deficits to a Neurogenesis Sensitive Measure: An Unmet Need?  (Abstract)

Granger-Exploring Participant-Level Trajectories of Cognitive Performance in Patients with Schizophrenia  (Abstract)

Gruber-EEG Spectral Fingerprinting as a New Method of Safeguarding Data Integrity in Multicenter Trials  (Abstract)

Hassman-Can Subjects with Major Depression Learn about Key Placebo Response Factors: The Effect of an Educational Placebo Response Video  (Abstract)

Jaeger-Cognitive Endpoints for Early Alzheimer’s Disease Trials: Development of the Early AD/ MCI Alzheimer’s Cognitive Composite (EMACC) (Abstract)

Josiassen-Estimands in a Schizophrenia Study (Abstract)

Khan Anzalee-PANSS Negative Symptom Dimensions Across Geographical Regions: Implications for Social, Linguistic and Cultural Consistency  (Abstract)

Khan-Arif-The Magnitude of Placebo Response Over Time in Clinical Trials for Psychiatric and Other Chronic Medical Conditions  (Abstract)

Kirkpatrick-Reliability Findings from the Unified Global Training Program for the Brief Negative Symptoms Scale (BNSS)  (Abstract)

Kott-Association of PANSS Interview Duration with Data Quality-An Exploratory Analysis  (Abstract)

Lytle-Engagement and Recruitment in the MOBILITY (Metformin for Overweight and OBese ChiILdren with Biopolar Disorders Treated with Second-Generation AntispsYchotics Study  (Abstract)

Mariano-A Double-Blinded RCT of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for the Affective Symptoms of Chronic Low Back Pain  (Abstract)

Murthy-Using Self-Reported Functioning Measures to Identify MDD Patients with Impaired Performance Based Functional Capacity  (Abstract)

Østergaard-Simplified Negative and Positive Symptoms Interview (SNAPSI): An Abbreviated Assessment Technique for Schizophrenia Studies  (Abstract)

Ramchandani-Utility of Human Laboratory Models for Screening of Pharmacotherapeutics for Alcohol Use Disorder: The Case of Varenicline  (Abstract)

Revicki-Developing Clinically Meaningful Responder Thresholds for Primary Endpoints for Clinical Trials in Premenopausal Women with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder  (Abstract)

Sachs-Variation in Diagnostic Reliability Across MDD Clinical Trials  (Abstract)

Sajatovic-Overcoming Obstacles to Implementation of an Interventional Clinical Trial on Chronic Psychotic Disorders in Tanzania  (Abstract)

Seichepine-Comparison Between Flat and Enhanced Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments of Mini-Mental State Attention and Calculation in Clinical Trials of Alzheimer’s Diseas(Abstract)

Shiovitz-Don’t Change the Subject! The Changing Nature of Screened Subjects During Phase 3 Clinical Trials (Abstract)

Smigorski-Evolution of Alzheimer’s Disease Trial Characteristics: 2000 – 2017  (Abstract)

Smith-Exploring Novel Behavioral Tasks and Digital Phenotyping Technologies as Adjuncts to a Clinical Trial of BTRX-246040  (Abstract)

Stephenson-Global Regulatory Agencies Support Use of Dopamine Transporter Neuroimaging in Clinical Trials Targeting Early Parkinson’s Disease  (Abstract)

Turkoz-Demonstration of the Relationships Among Clinical Global Impression of Severity of Depression Scale and Montgomery-Åsberg Depression Rating, Patient Health Questionnaire-9, and Sheehan Disability Scales (Abstract)

VanMeter-Use of a Prediction Algorithm for Randomized Stratification in an Amyotrophic Lateral Schlerosis Study  (Abstract)

Zaragoza Domingo-Towards More Efficient Methods for Clinical Outcomes Assessment (COA) Instrument Selection in Clinical Trials  (Abstract)