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Current and emerging technologies to address the placebo response challenge in CNS clinical trials: Promise, pitfalls, and pathways forward

William P. Horan, Gary Sachs, Dawn I. Velligan, Michael Davis, Richard S.E. Keefe. Ni A. Khin, Florence Butlen-Ducuing, Philip D. Harvey
Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience. 2024;21(1–3):19–30

Ensuring stakeholder feedback in the design and conduct of clinical trials for rare diseases: ISCTM position paper of the orphan disease working group

Gahan J. Pandina, Joan Busner, Lucas Kempf, Joan Fallon, Larry D. Alphs, Maria T. Acosta, Anna-Karin Berger, Simon Day, Judith Dunn,Victoria Villalta-Gil, Margaret C. Grabb, Joseph P. Horrigan, William Jacobson, Judith C. Kando, Thomas A. Macek, Manpreet K. Singh, Arielle D. Stanford, and Silvia Zaragoza Domingo
Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience, 2024;21(1–3):8–9

Consistency checks to improve measurement with the Young Mania Rating Scale (YMRS)

Jonathan Rabinowitz, Robert C. Young, Christian Yavorsky, Janet B.W. Williams, Jan Sedway, Patricia Marino, Christopher Matteo, Atul Mahableshwarkar, Alan Kott, Nanco Hefting, Jenicka Engler, Chris Brady
Journal of Affective Disorders, Volume 345, 15 January 2024, Pages 24-31

Innovative Technologies in CNS Trials: Promises and Pitfalls for Recruitment, Retention, and Representativeness

Jacqueline Lutz, Abhishek Pratap, Eric J. Lenze, Durga Bestha, Jessica M. Lipschitz, Stella Karantzoulis, Uma Vaidyanathan, Jessica Robin, William Horan, Stephen Brannan, Aurelia Mittoux, Michael C. Davis, Shaheen E. Lakhan, Richard Keefe
Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience, 2023;20(7-9):40-46

Conducting CNS trials during a public health emergency – Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic: A joint ISCTM/ECNP working group consensus paper

Kemi Olugemo, Dragana Bugarski-Kirola, Gerard R. Dawson, Franco DiCesare, Dejan Stevanovic, Janko Samardzic, Andreas Chatzittofis, Raeanne Moore, Joris C. Vester, Lais Bhering, Eduard Vieta
Neuroscience Applied, Volume 2, 2023, 101129

Recommendations for selection and adaptation of rating scales for clinical studies of rapid-acting antidepressants

Christian Yavorsky, Elizabeth Ballard, Mark Opler, Jan Sedway, Steven D Targum, and William Lenderking for ISCTM Assessment Methods and Endpoints for Rapid-Acting Antidepressants-RAADs Working Group
Frontiers in Psychiatry, Volume 14 - 2023

Defining Clinical Trial Estimands: A Practical Guide for Study Teams with Examples Based on a Psychiatric Disorder

Elena Polverejan, Michael O'Kelly, Nanco Hefting, Jonathan D Norton, Pilar Lim, Marc K Walton
Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science (2023)

Remote Assessment of Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia

David G Daniel, Alex S Cohen, Dawn Velligan, Phillip D Harvey, Larry Alphs, Michael Davidson, William Potter, Alan Kott, Nina Schooler, Christopher R Brodie, Raeanne C Moore, Pierre Lindenmeyer, Stephen R Marder
Schizophrenia Bulletin Open, Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2023

Patient Centricity: Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials in Orphan Diseases: Third of Three Sets of Expanded Proceedings from the 2020 ISCTM Autumn Conference on Pediatric Drug Development

Joan Busner, Gahan Pandina, Simon Day, Atul Mahableshwarkar, Lucas Kempf, Maria Sheean, Judith Dunn
Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience, 2023;20(1-3): 25-31

Implications of Pediatric Initiatives on CNS Drug Development for All Ages—2020 and Beyond: Second of Three Sets of Expanded Proceedings from the 2020 ISCTM Autumn Conference on Pediatric Drug Development

Gahan Pandina, Joan Busner, Joseph P. Horrigan, Christine McSherry, Alison Bateman-House, Luca Pani, Judith Kando
Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience, 2023;20(1-3): 18-24