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Qualification for Membership:  ISCTM membership is open to those who are involved in scientific research.  All applications for membership are reviewed for approval.  If an application is declined there will be a $20 administrative fee, so if you have a question regarding your eligibility, please contact the Secretariat prior to submitting your application.  Those involved in executive recruiting do not meet the criteria for membership.

FIRST TIME NEW MEMBERS: Effective now, Memberships are automatically prorated to 1/2 of the published yearly rates for the remainder of 2023.

Regular Membership: Includes members from Academia, NIH, Regulatory Agencies and Industry-Related Small Businesses, other governmental or non-governmental not-for-profit organizations, and organizations whose association with the ISCTM, though relevant to the mission of the Society, may be more policy-based than scientific in nature. 

Industry Membership: Includes members employed by Corporations, including CROs.  Small/start-up companies whose funding levels inhibit membership at industry level may select Regular Membership.

Early Career Membership: Includes members studying or working in the field of CNS clinical trials within 8 years of completion of education, e.g. residency, post doc or fellowship.

Developing World Membership:  Includes members from nations determined by the World Bank as economically developing. (click here for list)

Sustaining Corporation MembershipPlease contact the Secretariat for more information. Benefits and Levels of Sustaining Corporate Membership

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