Synergy in Action

2017-2019 Strategic Plan


Challenges facing drug development for many CNS conditions continue to frustrate developers and patients alike.  The need for solutions continues to expand, and the desire to meet this need has not waned, but the investment requirement remains a high bar, with little margin for duplicated errors.

With more failed studies, regulatory requirements and funding challenges, ISCTM’s mission remains highly relevant. For those familiar with the organization it is clear ISCTM has garnered respect, and many share the vision of the work that can be accomplished through the collective work facilitated through the Society.  However, ISCTM believes it can play an even more significant role as more people become aware of the support ISCTM brings to the CNS clinical trial community.  Therefore, much of the plan for the next couple of years centers around communicating the value of our work and expanding our reach scientifically and generationally. 

The International Society for CNS Clinical Trials and Methodology (ISCTM) is an independent multi-disciplinary organization devoted to promoting advances in, and dissemination of, clinical research methods related to development and use of CNS therapeutics. The ISCTM accomplishes this by bringing together international stakeholders representing academia, industry, government, payers, policymakers, and the public to address strategic clinical, regulatory, methodological and policy challenges in clinical research.


Commitment to Excellence: We commit to maintaining transparency, integrity and an attitude of service to one another and the field.

Respectful Dialogue: We exist to discuss and resolve provocative and challenging issues.  Success is dependent on all voices being heard and valued.

Independence: This society will be rigorously scientific in character and will not be dominated by any special interest group or company. The independence of the society will be maintained by a close integration of representatives from academia, industry, regulators and others with strong interest in methodology and teaching.

Non-competitive Environment: Conscious efforts shall be made to avoid even the perception that the society represents an opportunity for marketing of commercial products or for off-label use of existing products.

Strategic Goal:

ISCTM will be recognized as the leading organization for addressing the methodological challenges in CNS clinical trials.

Strategic Objectives/Priority Activities

  1. Develop processes for evaluating the landscape of drug development and the associated methodological challenges. This should include: development in non-drug areas including devices; the development of biomarkers to guide treatment decisions; and development within smaller biotech companies.
    • Broaden scientific programs by including new areas of CNS treatment development and addressing new methodological challenges that the field must address.
    • Identify areas of treatment development in neurology to include in ISCTM scientific programs. The identified therapeutic areas should be clearly related to CNS.

  2. Serve as the authoritative resource for researchers in CNS clinical trial methodology.
    • Develop work products that set the standards for the field. 
    • Widen scope of ISCTM’s activities.
    • Investigate options e.g. serving as an independent facilitator for accessing industry databases or developing a repository for instruments to assure unlimited access.
  1. Ensure sustainability.
    • Engage next generation of ISCTM leaders.
    • Develop a communication strategy that more aggressively promotes the ISCTM “brand,” including the optimal use of social media.
    • Remain purposeful in building Fund for the Future.