Synergy in Action

Autumn 2019 Working Group Sessions

Sessions will take place at the AC Hotel Bella Sky, in time slot between the adjournment of the final ISCTM Autumn Conference General Session (13:00) and the start of the ECNP Congress (16:50)
Saturday 7 September
13:00-13:45 Lite lunch for WG participants
14:00-15:30 Working Group Sessions
Rooms TBD

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for CNS Clinical Trials (Larry Alphs, Adam Butler)

Assessment of Methods and Endpoints for Rapid Acting Anti-Depressants (Mark Opler, Elizabeth Ballard)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (Tiffany Farchione, Valentina Mantua, Celso Arango)
This will be a closed session limited to those involved in developing the manuscript.  

Innovative Technologies for Clinical Trials (Richard Keefe, Mike Davis)

Orphan Diseases (Joan Busner, Ravi Anand)