Synergy in Action

Innovative Technologies for Clinical Trials

Chairs: Richard Keefe, PhD; Michael Davis, MD, PhD

Current Activity:
Working Group Session Р15th Annual Scientific Meeting- 21 February 2019, Washington DC

This working group was developed based upon the all-day session of the same name at the Autumn 2018 meeting co-chaired by Phil Harvey, Rich Keefe, Mike Davis and Tiffany Farchione. The emphasis of this working group will be on an ongoing non-commercial discussion of strategies for providing developing and implementing need-based technologies to help solve current challenges in CNS clinical trials. Conceptual, practical, measurement, statistical, and regulatory issues will be considered in this working group.Regulatory input will be essential to this discussion. The inaugural meeting of this working group will take place at the 15th Annual Scientific Meeting, 19-21 February 2019.