Synergy in Action

2020 Autumn Conference Posters

Click title to view pdf. Posters are listed in alpha order by first author. 

Abbs-ADVANCE: adherence to antipsychotic and adjunctive pimavanserin in patients with negative symptoms of schizophrenia (abstract)

Begel-A pilot study of speech acoustics and placebo responsiveness (abstract)

Brettler-An Analysis of Clinical Outcome Assessment Trends for Neurological and Psychiatric Drug Approvals (abstract)

Busner-Toward development of an abbreviated PANSS for pediatric trials: New analyses of PANSS TEOSS data (abstract)

Di Cesare-Development of a Cognitive Ability Assessment Tool (CAAT) for use in pediatric clinical trials in Sub-Saharan countries (abstract)

Di Cesare-Development of a Symbol Cancellation Test (SCT) for use in pediatric clinical trials in Sub-Saharan countries (abstract)

Dorffner-Proving the equivalence of simplified home sleep testing to polysomnography (abstract)

Ellis-Development of an algorithm for the evaluation of gait and balance impairments in CNS disorders (abstract)

Fidalgo-Gathering normative speech data for depression research remotely, using online task marketplaces (abstract)

Galatzer-Levy-Remote digital measurement of visual and auditory markers of Major Depressive Disorder severity and treatment response (abstract)

Horan-BI 425809 once daily in patients with schizophrenia: Feasibility of novel endpoints to assess motivation (abstract)

Khan-Subgroup Identification with Bayesian Nonparametric Models for individuals with schizophrenia who are at risk for relapse (abstract)

Kott-Exploring the Phenomenon of Erratic Ratings in Schizophrenia Clinical Trials (abstract)

Kott-Procedures to Optimize Endpoint Data Quality in an Acute Schizophrenia Study (abstract)

Laverdure-Dupont-Personalising efficacy scales based on predominant symptoms at baseline (abstract)

Machizawa-Why Some PANSS Interviews are Longer than Others? Factors Associated with PANSS Interview Length (abstract)

Miller-Development of Diagnostic Criteria for Apathy in Neurocognitive Disorders (abstract)

Moore-Polygenic Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease Predicts MMSE Decline in APOE4 carriers and noncarriers (abstract)

Murck-Biomarker guided treatment optimization in major depression – focus on mineralocorticoid receptor function (abstract)

Paim Diaz-Polygenic risk scores for bipolar disorders associated with worse global functioning (abstract)

Parrish-The Impact of Contextual Factors on Performance of a Smartphone-Based Word List Test (abstract)

Rabinowitz-Survey auditing based consistency checks to improve measurement with the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) (abstract)

Roy-eCOA Prompted MADRS Interview: Balancing Thorough Assessment and Efficiency (abstract)

Sachs-Signal Detection and Diagnostic Uncertainty in Bipolar Depression Clinical Trials: Drug Response vs. Placebo Response (abstract)

Shiovitz-Pandemic of Professional Subjects: Impact of Recession on Clinical Trials (abstract)

Targum-Site ratings versus site-independent ratings of PANSS interviews in a schizophrenia study (abstract)

Turkoz-Methodological Successes and Limitations in a Randomized, Delayed-Start Study Comparing Oral and Injectable Antipsychotics (DREaM) (abstract)

Verma-Evaluating the Impact of Rater Change on PANSS Score Change: An Item Level Analysis (abstract)

Williamson-Variability of Cognitive Performance on the MATRICS Consensus Cognitive Battery (MCCB): Adding a Different Perspective (abstract)

Zhao-Efficacy of BI 425809 in patients with schizophrenia: Phase II trial using a multiple comparison procedure and modeling approach (abstract)