Synergy in Action

18th Annual Scientific Meeting Posters

Click to view abstract. Posters are listed in alpha order by first author. 

Adornetti – Research Experience During COVID-19: Implementing Remote Procedures to Explore Daytime Symptoms and Cognitive Function Among Older Adults with Insomnia (abstract)

Ballard – Implementation of quantitative and safety EEG overlaid on a SAD-MAD trial: Challenges and lessons learned (abstract)

Bhering Martins – Pathways underlying the potential effect of Lactobacillus helveticus in major depression: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, add-on trial (abstract)

Cicconet – Depression ClinRO inference using momentary multimodal behavioral and physiological digital biomarkers from decentralized data collection (abstract)

Cohen, A – Developing a multimodal digital phenotyping paranoia measure: Comprehensive psychometric evaluation (abstract)

Cohen, E – Key factors for participant retention: Research sites’ study data and strategies for preventing attrition in depression trials (abstract)

Costa – Circulating cell-free mtDNA in plasma associated with severity of depressive symptoms in bipolar disorder (abstract)

Daniel – Regional and population differences in schizophrenia clinical trial recruitment rates (abstract)

DeSouza – Characterizing depressive symptom fluctuations using automated speech assessment: a remote feasibility study (abstract)

Dorffner – Towards proving the validity of computer-supported sleep scoring for pediatric trials (abstract)

Fernandes – Insulin resistance in depression: A meta-analysis of variation (abstract)

Horan – The Virtual Reality Functional Capacity Assessment Tool (VRFCAT): A normative and standardization study (abstract)

Kelly – Capability of accelerometers in wearable devices for measurement of postural tremor, gait and balance, and nocturnal scratching (abstract)

Kim – Factors impacting collection of continual physiological data in children using wearables deployed in real-world settings (abstract)

Kott – Application of machine learning algorithms to identify subjects at risk of within PANSS logical errors (abstract)

MacKenzie – Utilizing patient interviews to inform and optimize the design of a Phase IV clinical trial (abstract)

Morlock – Psychedelic use and placebo response (abstract)

Morlock – Subjective psychedelic experience and obsessive-compulsive symptom severity (abstract)

Nowinski – Validating the Mobile Toolbox: A remote assessment for measuring cognitive change (abstract)

Olt – Use and validity of patient-reported outcomes in schizophrenia trials (abstract)

Waters – Identifying EEG-biomarkers of circuit engagement by intramuscular ketamine for the treatment of acute suicidal ideation (abstract)

Wickwire – Ecological Momentary Assessment as a potential outcome variable in insomnia research (abstract)