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2018 Autumn Conference Working Group Session Descriptions

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Algorithms/Flags (Rabinowitz/Schooler)
We will briefly present data on applying MADRS flags to NEWMEDS data and then the bulk of the session will focus on a critical discussion of consistency flags for the Personal and Social Performance (PSP) scale.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (Mantua, Farchione, Arango)
The Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Working Group aims at building a common knowledge on ASD drug development challenges, which would form the basis of a clinical trial methodology proposal. The discussion has been organized to focus on four major areas of interest: molecular targets and pathways to biomarkers for population stratification and outcome assessments; endpoints and main trial design methodology challenges. The WG session in Marina del Rey will summarize the discussion and develop a work plan to inform next steps.

Cognitive Trajectories in Schizophrenia (Harvey, Granger)
The objective of the working group will be to review the available data pertaining to cognitive trajectories in recent clinical trials, to ascertain the potential need to modify the recommendations for inclusion / exclusion criteria (i.e., patient selection) for clinical trials in CIAS.

Specifically, are there individuals who demonstrate cognition in the “normative range” and if so, do they demonstrate trajectories that suggest a decreased likelihood of signal detection? READ MORE   

Orphan Diseases (Busner, Dunn, Anand)
Based on teleconference meetings during the summer, topics determined as priority will be presented and discussed, and ongoing workstreams/plans will be developed.

Prevention Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease (Posner, Schneider)
During this session we will review the work to date on paper entitled Options and Considerations for Alzheimer’s Prevention Trials. We will cover subject selection, time course and detection with performance-based instruments. We will also discuss whether the detection of amyloid is a viable selection criteria for trial entry.