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17th Annual Scientific Meeting – Speakers’ Corner

Thank you for agreeing to participate as a presenter and/or chairperson at the upcoming ISCTM 17th Annual Scientific Meeting. This page contains all the links you will need for submitting information to the ISCTM, as well as information we hope you find helpful for your planning. 

Meeting will be held virtually.  

STEP 1:  Complete the Online Confirmation and Agreement

STEP 2: Please Upload Biographical Paragraph and Photo

In the upper right hand corner of the page, select Membership – Login. You may login using the email address where you received your speaker invitation letter. If this is your first time logging in to our site, you must reset your password. Once logged in, select Update Profile from the menu on the right, then upload your bio and photo and update all required fields. Having difficulties? Email the Secretariat

2500 characters max (including spaces)

Please complete STEPS 1 and 2 by 12 November 2020.  

STEP 3: Register for the Meeting

Registration for the 17th Annual Meeting will open in early December. Log in as an Existing User and select Registration to process your fee-waived Speaker Registration. Need assistance? Email the Secretariat

STEP 4: Please Email Abstract

Abstract should be submitted after the first session development call with chairs, but no later than 24 February 2021. Abstract should be in paragraph form, < 300 words and contain no tables.

STEP 5:  Presentation Submission Format and Schedule

Slides must be in 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen version slides). Presentation text should have a minimum font size of 22. 
Your affiliation and logo (if you choose to use it) should only appear on the first slide.
Disclosures are required and should appear on slide 1 or 2.
— Draft: Chairs will advise according to your session’s agenda development call schedule.

— Final: Deliver all final presentation materials to ISCTM Secretariat and session chairs no later than one week in advance of your scheduled recording session. REMINDER: Disclosures must be included in slide presentation.

STEP 6:  Chairs/Co-Chairs – Publication Information

To facilitate dissemination of information discussed during ISCTM meetings, we encourage publications from ISCTM sessions. Chairs will discuss during the session development calls. (ISCTM Publication Guidelines)

Agenda at a Glance: 

Day 1: Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Novel Clinical Trial Designs: Can we define CNS clinical trial inclusion criteria and outcomes based on RDoC circuits and mechanisms?

2:00-3:30 NI Awardee – Live oral presentations
Day 2: Wednesday, 7 April 2021
9:00-10:30 Concurrent Working Groups – Session A
9:45-2:00 Part 1 – Integrated therapeutics: From psychedelics to neuromodulation
2:15-3:00 Live Poster Presentations 
Day 3: Thursday, 8 April 2021
9:00-1:30  Part 2 – Integrated therapeutics: From psychedelics to neuromodulation
1:45-3:15 Concurrent Working Groups – Session B
Day 4: Friday, 9 April 2021

Issues and strategies regarding polypharmacy in clinical trials
1:30 Meeting adjourns


ISCTM Contact Information

Philip Harvey Chair, Scientific Program Committee
Carlotta McKeeExecutive Director, ISCTM
Mary Bea HardingAssociate Director, ISCTM
Linda Hutchinson – Project Coordinator, ISCTM
Phone:  +1.615.383.7688