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16th Annual Scientific Meeting – Speakers’ Corner

Thank you for agreeing to participate as a presenter and/or chairperson at the upcoming ISCTM 16th Annual Scientific Meeting. This page contains all the links you will need for submitting information to the ISCTM, as well as information we hope you find helpful for your planning. 

19-21 February 2020
Grand Hyatt 
Washington DC, USA
(Housing to be booked through ISCTM during registration process.  Do not contact the hotel directly.
Details below)

STEP 1:  Complete the Online Confirmation and Agreement

STEP 2: Please Email Biographical Paragraph and Photo

2500 characters max (including spaces)

STEP 3: Register for the Meeting

You should have received an email announcement of the 16th Annual Meeting. Selecting the Register  button included in that email will direct you to the fee-waived Speaker Registration path. You will have the opportunity to book your housing during the registration process. Do not contact the hotel.  Need the announcement resent?  Email request to the Secretariat

STEP 4: Please Email Abstract

Abstract, for inclusion in the program book, should be submitted after the first session development call with chairs, but no later than 7 January 2020. Abstract should be in paragraph form, < 300 words and contain no tables.

STEP 5:  Presentation Submission Schedule

— Draft: Chairs will advise according to your session’s agenda development telecon schedule.
— Final: Bring flash drive to onsite registration desk the morning of your session, no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting day. REMINDER: Disclosures must be included in slide presentation.

STEP 6:  Chairs/Co-Chairs – Publication Information

To facilitate dissemination of information discussed during ISCTM meetings, we encourage publications from ISCTM sessions. Chairs will discuss during the session development calls. (ISCTM Publication Guidelines)

Travel Arrangements:
In order to meet ISCTM’s fiscal responsibilities, the Society endeavors to operate its meetings as close to break even as possible, hopefully in the black. The Executive does not wish to raise additional revenue through increasing registration fees, so we must keep a close watch on expenses.  Therefore, we ask speakers requesting reimbursement to keep this in mind when arranging travel, specifically, to book flights enough ahead of travel dates to take advantage of the lower fares. (ISCTM Speaker Reimbursement Policy)

Link to Detailed Agenda:

Day 1: Wednesday, 19 February 2020
10:30-6:00 Onsite Registration Open
1:00-4:10 Unresolved Problems in Neuroscience Drug Development
– Drugs with Abuse Potential: Should They Be Used to Treat Psychiatric Disorders?
–  Are Current Digital Measures Ready for Prime Time?
4:25-6:00 Working Groups – Session A
6:00-7:00 Welcome Reception
Day 2: Thursday, 20 February 2020
7:15 Registration Opens/Continental Breakfast
8:15-12:15 Enhancing Drug Development Through AI, Machine Learning, Human Augmented Predictive Modeling
12:15-1:45 ISCTM Annual Business Meeting/Luncheon
2:00-5:30 Parallel Sessions
  A. Is There a Fundamental Rethinking in the Way We Plan Clinical Trials? The Estimand Change in Mindset
B. Studying the Brain – Gut Axis in Psychiatry and Neurology
5:45-7:30 Poster Session/Reception
Day 3: Friday, 21 February 2020
7:00 Registration Opens
7:15-9:15  Working Groups – Session B – Breakfast
9:30-1:15 Role of Reward Processing Assessment as a Tool in Drug Development
1:15 Meeting Adjourns


ISCTM Contact Information

Philip Harvey Chair, Scientific Program Committee
Carlotta McKeeExecutive Director, ISCTM
Mary Bea HardingAssociate Director, ISCTM
Phone:  +1.615.383.7688