Synergy in Action

16th Annual Scientific Meeting Posters

Poster pdfs and abstracts are in alphabetical order by first author.

Anderson-Hemodynamic latency is associated with reduced intelligence across the lifespan: an fMRI Dynamic Causal Model study of aging, cerebrovascular integrity, and cognitive ability (abstract)

Bishop-Towards more efficient Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) selection methods to accelerate new innovative drug development in epilepsy (abstract)

Branders-Modelling of peripheral nerve pain and osteoarthritis placebo response: working towards a unique model of the placebo response in chronic pain? (abstract)

Capodilupo-Evaluation of therapeutic expectation, therapeutic misconception and suggestibility: Initial validation of Placebo Response Mitigation Scales (PReMIS) in a pain clinical trial (abstract)

Chen-Sensitivity analysis of lumateperone efficacy in schizophrenia: Impact of imbalance in patient dropouts and assumptions for patient dropouts (abstract)

Cohen, A-Measuring negative symptoms using computerized vocal analysis requires machine learning and large feature sets (abstract)

Cohen, E-Managing the placebo and nocebo perils: Applying the placebo-control reminder script in psychosis trials (abstract)

Daniel-The relationship of the Personal and Social Performance Scale (PSP) with the Negative Symptom Assessment (NSA-16), Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) and the Clinical Global Impression (CGI) (abstract)

Dorffner-Reducing the variance of sleep-related endpoints through repeated in-home measurements (abstract)

Fieo-Scrutinizing social interaction as a functional status drug development tool (DDT) for use in pre-dementia (abstract)

Fu-Psychometric evaluation of the Suicide Ideation and Behavior Assessment Tool (SIBAT) using data from two phase 3 studies (abstract)

Galatzer-Levy-Use of digital biomarkers in a Parkinson’s Disease open-label extension study for frequent and objective assessment of treatment response (abstract)

Geerts-Data-driven versus knowledge-driven predictive analytics. Application to N of 1 pharmacodynamic interactions in CNS clinical trials (abstract)

Getz-Using artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) to empirically measure intentional dose non-adherence: impact on clinical trial methodology and data interpretation (abstract)

Horan-The Virtual Reality Functional Capacity Assessment Tool (VRFCAT): Data in support of an accepted application for the FDA Clinical Outcome Assessment Qualification Program (abstract)

Kayser-Sifting through the smoke: Using human laboratory models to unpack the effects of cannabis on psychiatric symptoms-Evidence from a study in adults with OCD  (abstract)

Khan-The relationship of clinical insight with psychopathology, social cognition, impulsivity and neurocognition in schizophrenia (abstract

Kott-Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) coupled with audio/video recordings significantly reduces the presence of PANSS identical ratings in schizophrenia data (abstract)

Krishna-Peer-review process in linguistic validation to improve translation of Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) instruments in international clinical trials in neuroscience (abstract)

Li-Assessing the meaningful change threshold (MCT) of Quality of Life in Depression Scale (QLDS) using data from two phase 3 studies (abstract)

Lipschitz-Methods for evaluating temporal and directional relationships between sleep quality and symptom severity in a bipolar disorder clinical trial (abstract)

Merikle-Qualitative Study to Establish the Content Validity of the ABC-CFXS for Evaluation of Treatment Efficacy in Fragile X Syndrome (abstract)

Miller-Exploring Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE) scoring and administration errors in dementia clinical trials (abstract)

Paim Diaz-Distinct altered neurochemistry in the hippocampus of individuals with bipolar disorder and comorbid anxiety: Evidence from ¹H MRS (abstract)

Pfleeger-Novel digital outcomes in multiple sclerosis clinical trials: Use of wearable biosensors to collect real-world subject activity data in two phase 2 studies of elezanumab in multiple sclerosis (abstract)

Qiu-Joint modeling of multiple longitudinal suicidality indices to understand treatment effect (abstract)

Radhakrishnan-In-vivo alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor availability and relationship to cognition in schizophrenia (abstract)

Robin-Tracking changes in cognition in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease over a 6-month period using a speech-based digital biomarker (abstract)

Rozjabek-Determining meaningful change in hopelessness assessed with the Beck Hopelessness Scale in Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) patients who have active suicidal ideation with intent (abstract)

Sajatovic-Assessing treatment adherence in bipolar disorder: Does increasing sources of information improve correlation with symptoms? (abstract)

Sauder-Assessing the impact of travel time and distance on participation in clinical research (abstract)

Shafner-Development of a Composite Site Performance Score: Optimizing Site Selection and Trial Methodology (abstract)

Shiovitz-Duplicate subjects in Alzheimer’s disease (AD): Unintended consequence of longer studies? (abstract)

Turkoz-Up-front matching for prospective observational studies to mimic randomization (abstract)

Villalta-Gil-Preliminary baseline data on the Multiple Sclerosis Individualized Outcome Assessment (MSIOA) in a phase 2 clinical trial (abstract)

Zhang-Prediction of medication adherence in clinical trials using machine learning (abstract)