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Nomenclature and Classification SIB Sub-Group

Nomenclature and Classification Issues Bibliography

Working Group Goal:
Review status and develop consensus on the principles and characteristics of a standardized nomenclature and classification scheme for SIB

Possible Activities:

–Clarify difference(s) between a nomenclature and a classification system

–Establish underlying principles and characteristics for a standardized nomenclature for SIB 

  • Goal(s) of a standardized nomenclature
  • Core elements and concepts of a standardized nomenclature

–Commonly understood terms which are (1) linked to unambiguous definitions and (2) mutually exclusive.

–Logical, conceptual structure relating individual terms

–Clinically meaningful phenotypic classifications of suicide ideation and risk (eg, imminent vs longer term, acuity vs chronicity, passive vs active)

  • Desirable characteristics of the ideal nomenclature

–Widely acceptable, comprehensible, practicable, simple, unambiguous, parsimonious

–Applicable to multiple domains and regions (public health, research, clinical practice)

–Able to be operationalized and validated through field testing (Silverman et al 2007)

–Underlying principles and characteristics of a classification scheme for SIB

–Establish a bibliography and review existing recommendations for establishing classification systems (eg, Best Practice Guidelines for Developing International Statistical Classifications   (UN Dept of Economic and Social Affairs, Statistical Division, 2011)

–Review existing SIB classification systems in light of these recommendation

–Recommend an optimal SIB classification scheme

Sub-group members

Greg Brown, University of Pennsylvania
Lisa Brenner, Denver VA Medical Center
Phillip Chappell, Pfizer
Diego De Leo, Australian Institute for Suicide
Suresh Durgam, Forest
Rob Goldman, Sunovion
Susan Kozauer, Quintiles
Shane McInerney, University Health Network, Toronto
Kelly Posner, Columbia University
John Rush, Duke
David Sheehan, University of South Florida
Morton Silverman, Suicide Prevention Resource Center
Leonardo Tondo, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Nomenclature and Classification Issues Working Group Internal Documents