Synergy in Action

2006 Midsummer Conference

07 – 08 July, 2006   //   Chicago, IL, USA

Day 1 (7 July 2006)

Welcome and state of ISCTM A.G. Awad, President ISCTM
Current concepts of long-term efficacy in psychiatric disorders: problems and opportunities R Baldessarini
Session I: New approaches and trial designs forĀ drugs in long-term treatment S. Leucht & R. Anand

Industry perspective
Regulatory consideration

S Leucht
M. Trivedi
R Anand
T Laughren
M Davidson

Day 2 (8 July 2006)

Session II: Long-term trials in Bipolar Disorders R Baldessarini & E Vieta
Problems in establishing long-term efficacy in BPDs: Where are we and what is needed? R. Baldessarini
Mood-stabilization: Clinical needs and study designs for long-term trials in BPDs E Vieta
Bipolar depression: Clinical needs and study designs to test for long-term efficacy J Calabrese
Industry challenges & innovative trials designs M Tohen
Regulatory perspective: Comments T. Laughren
Discussant C Bowden
Session III: Long-term evaluation of psychotropic drugs in major psychiatric disorders: outcome measures, study-designs and statistical approaches G. Gharabawi & A. Leon
Introductory comments
Investigator & patient based outcomes
Overview: trials designs & analyses
Industry perspective
Regulatory perspective: Comments
G Garabaldi
J Endicott
A Leon
L Alphs
T Laughren
D Meltzer
Conclusions and update on next meeting R. Baldessarini