Synergy in Action

Call for Participation – New ISCTM Working Group Forming

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for CNS Clinical Trials

Chairs: Larry Alphs, MD, PhD; Adam Butler

The past 5 years have seen a huge increase in the new applications of both machine learning and artificial intelligence in drug discovery and development. In clinical trials settings, these technologies are being used in a myriad of ways;

  • In the development of novel digital endpoints for use in patient trials.
  • In precision medicine, supporting the establishment of more exact diagnostic and trial inclusion and exclusion criteria.
  • In imaging and biomarkers, increasing sensitivity and augmenting signal detection.
  • In drug discovery, automation of drug target identification.

We are convening a Working Group to gather those who are currently utilizing these tools, to engage trialists who would like to utilize these tools, and bring to the table those who are cautious or concerned about these tools, and begin an effort to better understand how they will impact our trials.  (Read more)