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This page will serve as the project management page for all related BPSD Working Group activities 

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BPSD Working Group Objectives
This working group is being convened with the support of ISCTM to focus on the methodological challenges facing the development of treatments for the Behavioral and Psychiatric Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD).  

  • Based on broadly supported feedback from Work Group meetings, two subgroups have been formed addressing BPSD treatment needs:  Apathy and Agitation;
  • Convey critical importance of treating BPSD, summarizing the value proposition for identification, management, and development and/or use of appropriate drug therapies;
  • Summarize the literature and existing state of the art to document the potential impact on patient and caregiver function and well-being, derived from amelioration of neuro-psychiatric symptoms;
  • Review of lessons learned from ongoing and prior clinical trials for BPSD; 
  • Propose innovative trials designs that improve data quality, strategies to accelerate drug development, and incorporate regulatory viewpoints and considerations;
  • Shared actions for the two BPSD Sub-groups addressing Agitation and Apathy include:

–      Continuing collaboration with ISTAART NPS PIA;

–      Proposal development for presentations/sessions at ISCTM and other professional/scientific learned societies;

–       Regularly scheduled meetings of the two Working sub-groups (teleconference and face-to-face)

–      Develop sub-group specific mission statements, goals, and objectives to guide a road-map strategy that moves the field towards consensus supported methodological recommendations.

BPSD Working Group Steering Committee
Larry Ereshefsky
Krista Lanctot
Stephen Marder
David Miller
Cedric O’Gorman
Luca Pani
Paul Rosenberg

Subgroup: Agitation associated with Dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease
Chairs: Cedric O’Gorman, Paul Rosenberg
Mission Statement
To address the need for safe and effective medications to treat agitation associated with dementia and to gain consensus amongst experts on a roadmap for optimal clinical trial methodology which may garner regulatory approval.

—White Paper – Summer 2018

Update post-ISCTM annual meeting on February 20th 2018.
Thanks to all who attended the working session of the agitation in Alzheimer’s disease BPSD subgroup. Fruitful and stimulating discussion occurred. Further progress has been made in the development of a consensus white paper addressing the clinical development of much needed medications to treat Alzheimer’s disease agitation. The proposed white paper had been divided into sections, and individuals have now been formally assigned to lead the writing of these sections. A deadline of July 1st 2018 has been set for the accomplishment of the writing of all these sections. ~ Cedric O’Gorman and Paul Rosenberg.

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Subgroup: Apathy subgroup
Chairs: David Miller, Krista Lanctot
Apathy as a Behavioural and Psychological Symptom in Dementia (BPSD) has increasingly been the focus of research over the last 10 years. This interest has led to the publication of provisional diagnostic criteria and stimulated interest in this syndrome as a treatment target for both Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Apathy can both precede and emerge concurrently with cognitive impairment and other BPSD. The Apathy Working Group brings together industry, academic and drug regulatory experts. This expertise will be used to define the relevance of apathy and to better understand, recognize and manage apathy within BPSD and provide a basis for further research.

Link to all BPSD Project Materials