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Analysis of SIB Data Subgroup

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Working Group Goal:
Review current status  and develop consensus regarding guiding principles and considerations when analyzing existing SIB data at the study, program and meta-analytic level and identification of gaps in current analytic approaches

Possible Activities:

–Review approaches for summarizing and analyzing clinical trial and project level data

  • Summarization of SIB data without respect to treatment
  • Analysis of SIB data in association with treatment
  • Aggregation of SIB data with other study endpoints (eg, MADRS)
  • Use of common data elements
  • Relationship between SIB assessments and AE reporting
  • Meta-analysis/network analysis of existing large datasets

–Review approaches for leveraging big data for SIB datasets and identifying emerging opportunities

–Identify challenges in assembling and analyzing large SIB datasets

Sub-group Members:

Munaf Ali, Munaf Ali Consultancy
John Davies, GSK
Bryan Dirks, Shire
Sarah DuBrava, Pfizer
Rebecca Evans, Parexel
Michael Federico, ERT
Andrew Freeman, Univ of Nevada, Las Vegas
Mark Gordon, Boehringer-Ingelheim
Pilar Lim, Janssen
Cristiana Mayer, Janssen
Mary Nilsson, Lilly
Jill Rasmussen, psi-napse
Madhukar Trivedi, Univ of Texas SWMC
Christine Ulbricht, UMass Medical School
Robieson Weining, AbbVie
Anna van Meter, Einstein College of Medicine
Benedetto Vitiello, NIMH
Jun Zhao, AbbVie

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