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2024 Lewis Alan Opler Prize: Recommendation and Eligibility Guidelines

The Lewis A. Opler Prize, established in 2020 in memory of the late Dr. Lewis Alan Opler, is given annually to recognize individuals who have made important advances in measurement that will help accelerate the development of new treatments or cures for CNS disorders. Focusing on novel developments and contributions to assessment, awardees will be invited to present their work to members and participants at ISCTM.

20 October 2023 Recommendation Deadline: Recommendations for suitable candidates may be sent to the attention of the award committee: Submit Opler Prize Recommendation. Recommenders should include contact information for the candidate and a copy of their most recent CV.

Finalists will be asked to submit relevant publications and presentation materials for review along with the names of at least two references. The winner will receive funds to support travel and attendance to ISCTM.

Eligibility Criteria for Prize:

1. Candidates should principally work in one of the following fields or in a closely related discipline:

– Psychiatry
– Psychology
– Neuroscience
– Social Work
– Nursing
– Community Mental Health

2. Candidates should have made a significant contribution to research in assessment or evaluation of behavioral health or mental illness OR have been principally responsible for a discovery or development that may contribute to important advances in clinimetrics, psychometrics, or related areas.

3. Evidence of contributions to the field will be based both on published work, presentations as well as written statements and/or brief interviews conducted with key stakeholders, including those who have worked closely with the candidate (colleagues, department heads/chairmen, students/trainees) in their endeavors.

4. No candidate may be considered who presents with material conflicts of interest; this includes employees, current grantees or officers of organizations supporting the Prize through financial or in-kind support. Family members, including spouses and domestic partners of award committee members are ineligible for consideration.

5. Candidates will be nominated by the committee. Each nominee will be asked to submit any relevant publications, at least two references, and an optional written statement (no more than one page in length.)

6. The primary focus for the Prize will be on innovative contributions to measurement and assessment. This should involve development of a new technique, tool, scale, or otherwise novel approach.

7. In addition to demonstrated contributions in measurement, preference will be given to candidates who are “early career” (within 15 years of receipt of their terminal degree), those who have demonstrated dedication to teaching and mentorship, and those working directly with vulnerable or marginalized populations.

Prize: The Prize will support travel, accommodations and expenses for a brief presentation at the ISCTM Annual Scientific Meeting, subject to approval by the ISCTM Scientific Program Committee. When possible, a small honorarium will be given to help offset time and effort related to travel by the awardee.

The winner of the Prize will be notified no less than six (6) weeks prior to the presentation. Any slides, transcripts or other written material related to the presentation will be made publicly available.

Meeting: 20th Annual Scientific Meeting, 21-23 February 2024, Washington, DC

Opler Prize Selection Committee:

Ramy Mahmoud, MD, MPH, Optinose (Chair and Immediate Past President)
Amir Kalali, MD, Independent
Jean-Pierre Lindenmayer, MD, NYU
Mark Opler, PhD, Medavante-ProPhase
Jonathan Rabinowitz, PhD, Bar Ilan University