Synergy in Action

2022 Autumn Conference Posters

Click title to view pdf. Posters are listed in alpha order by first author. 

Bhering Martins – Early effect of fasting during daily activities on mood in female adults with and without obesity (Abstract)

Brady – Evaluation of HAM-D consistency checks across study populations and investigational compound type (Abstract)

Busner – Optimized 10 item PANSS for pediatric trials: Comparison to 30 item version in a multi-site trial for adolescent schizophrenia (Abstract)

Cohen – Measuring depression using an automated natural speech analysis pipeline: A potential clinical trial enrichment tool (Abstract)

Collingwood – Automated scoring of the oral diadochokinesis task: Accuracy of an approach using sonority line and machine learning (Abstract)

Cormack – App-based cognitive assessment and monitoring: A feasibility study in patients with immune-mediated inflammatory and neurodegenerative disorders (Abstract)

Daniel – Does baseline symptom domain severity predict interview duration in acute schizophrenia clinical trials? An exploratory retrospective analysis (Abstract)

Dorffner – On the variability of actigraphy endpoints between different devices (Abstract)

Engler – The euthymic baseline assessment for depression (EBAD): A novel standardized method to assess the onset of major depressive episode and last euthymic period (Abstract)

Grant – Age- & sex-corrected pitch as a digital biomarker for expressive communication in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) (Abstract)

Hopkins – A general theory of construct enrichment: Inclusion criteria for symptom structure not severity (Abstract)

Iizuka – Telepsychiatry versus face-to-face treatment: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (Abstract)

Ishida – An alternative approach to use of post-randomization measurements as baseline for covariate adjustment (Abstract)

Jones – Real-time AI-rater monitoring system to improve the reliability of clinical reported outcomes (ClinROs)? (Abstract)

Kark – Insights into care management of major depressive disorder: upstream engagement methods identify unmet needs in psychiatry (Abstract)

Kiefer – Transition from in-person to remote motor assessment of children with Canavan disease (Abstract)

Kindellan – Analytical validation of automatic speech recognition tools used for voice biomarker development (Abstract)

Klein – Relationship of heart rate and heart rate variability to autism symptoms/behaviors – is there an autonomic dysregulation subtype? (Abstract)

Kott – Exploring the impact of MMSE assessment duration on scoring and administration errors (Abstract)

Kott – The impact of baseline PANSS factor scores on the incidence of post-baseline identical ratings (Abstract)

Lutz – An evaluation of control conditions in clinical trials of digital therapeutics with psychosocial, cognitive, or behavioral content (Abstract)

Malarkey – A robust training plan for the administration of the Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale by BA-level research assistants (Abstract)

McLaughlin – A novel scoring algorithm to improve the accuracy of the Scale for the Assessment and Rating of Ataxia (SARA) (Abstract)

Miller – The impact of number of prior in-study MMSE administrations on the presence of MMSE scoring or administration errors in dementia clinical trials (Abstract)

Mumenthaler – Post-hoc use of an alcohol biomarker to assess effects of heavy alcohol consumption on results from clinical trials in persons with schizophrenia (Abstract)

Penafiel – A new suicide risk management protocol section of a safety management plan in a multisite clinical trial for the treatment of depression in a military sample (Abstract)

Singh – Sleep disturbance, irritability and response to lurasidone in children and adolescents with bipolar I depression (Abstract)

Solomon – A study to evaluate passive collection of sensor data in subjects undergoing a consciousness altering therapeutic session for treatment of psychiatric illness (Abstract)