Synergy in Action

2017 Autumn Conference Posters

PDFs and Abstracts are listed alphabetically by author.

Boucher-How to Translate Cognitive Outcomes Measures? The Case Study of the Parkinson’s Disease-Cognitive Rating Scale in 15 Languages

Chevance-Methodological limitations of comparative effectiveness research on antidepressants: a simulation study (Abstract)

Defrancesco-Apathy in Alzheimer´s dementia: its prevalence increases with disease severity and apathy negatively impacts upon object naming and mood (Abstract)

Detke-A Phase 1b Study of Potential Safety and Pharmacokinetic Interactions between Cocaine and EMB-001, with Exploratory Efficacy Measures (Abstract)

Di Cesare-Profiling cognitive impairment in recovered Major Depressive Disorder  (Abstract) 

Di Cesare-Considerations on the conceptual framework and content validity of the Quality of Social Life Questionnaire (QoSL-Q), a Patient Reported Outcome instrument to evaluate treatment response in clinical trials  (Abstract)

Echevarria-Impact of Centralized Over-Read on Outcomes in Depression and Schizophrenia Trials (Abstract)

Gruber-Objective Assessment of Sleep using a 2-Channel Portable, Self-Applicable Device (Abstract)

Hilsabeck-Patient Selection for CNS Clinical Trials: Findings from Eligibility Review Database and Focusing on Complicated Alzheimer Disease Trials (Abstract)

Kane-A cluster-randomized large, simple trial to compare long-acting injectable antipsychotic to oral antipsychotics in the early course of schizophrenia (Abstract)

Kott-Effect of High within Subject Variance at Research Sites on Placebo Response and Drug Placebo Separation in Acute Schizophrenia Trials–A Post Hoc Analysis (Abstract)

Kott-The effect of accumulation of erratic changes in PANSS Negative Factor at research sites on response to placebo and drug placebo separation (Abstract)

Mahableshwarkar-Replication of a Statistical Method to Reduce Pseudospecificity and Enhance Understanding of Score Changes Among PANSS Factors (Abstract)

Meulien-Novel experimental clinical design exploring brain processes in patients with alcohol dependence under the influence of alcohol (Abstract)

Nations-The added value of the CGI-I scale in assessing global severity: a cost/benefit analysis using data from four Phase III MDD trials (Abstract)

Zaragoza-Domingo-A Method for Auditing the Quality of COAs Translations in Clinical Trials (TransQualiMetrics) (Abstract)