Synergy in Action

16th Annual Meeting Abstract: Enhancing drug development through artificial intelligence and machine learning

Chairs:  Adam Butler; Larry Alphs MD,PhD; Saeed Ahmed MD

It is estimated that only one (or maybe two) of every 10 drugs that enter into clinical testing will turn out to be effective. New approaches are needed to make the process of drug development more effective and efficient. Machine learning and artificial intelligence offer great promise to make this possible. Despite the promise, many questions remain for the multiple stakeholders who must be aligned to optimize use of AI/ML in CNS future clinical trials. This session will include experts in AI/ML, clinical trialists and regulatory specialists who will report on how AI and ML are now being applied in CNS clinical trials; the problems they are finding and the solutions they are identifying. The session will help clarify next steps that must be taken to optimize use of these technologies in drug development and conduct of CNS clinical trials.