Synergy in Action

13th Annual Scientific Meeting Posters

PDFs and Abstracts are listed alphabetically by author.

Alphs-A Novel Patient-Rated Tool to Assess Depression: The Depression Inventory Assessment Tool (Abstract)

Anderson-An RDoC framework integrating structural MRI with cognitive Control and Working Memory (Abstract)

Busner-Do Interview Skills Matter? Assessing the Relationship of Rater Interview Quality and Clinical Trials Data Quality in 3 Psychiatric Trials (Abstract)

Deng-Modulation of Neuroplasticity and Cortical Excitability in Patients with Treatment Resistant Depression (Abstract)

Gruber-A New Method of Sleep Staging Based on a Reduced Montage Using 2 EOG channels (Abstract)

Ionescu-Stability of Pre-Treatment Suicidal Thoughts in a Clinical Trial of Ketamine’s Antisuicidal Effects: A Preliminary Analysis (Abstract)

Jha-Clinical Utility of Inflammatory Biomarkers in Personalizing Treatment of Depressed Patients: Findings from CO-MED Trial (Abstract)

Khan-Estimating Treatment Effect Heterogeneity in Cognitive Training Programs (Abstract)

Kott-PANSS Erratic Changes are Associated with Greater Placebo Response in Schizophrenia Negative Symptom Trial – A Post Hoc Analysis (Abstract)

Negash-eCOA Administration of the PANSS Minimizes Errors to Improve Signal Detection (Abstract)

Rothman-Performance During “Applied” Training on the MADRS/SIGMA as a Predictor of Change in a Global Depression Trial (Abstract)

Sadler-The Impact of Rater Training on Clinical Outcomes Assessment Data: A Conceptual Review (Abstract)

Shiovitz-From Publication to Protocol: Increasing Awareness of Nonadherence Working Group Recommendations (Abstract)

Takeuchi-Incidence of Antipsychotic- Associated Side Effects: Impact of Clinician vs. Patient Ratings and Absolute vs. Change Scores (Abstract)

Yavorsky-Psychometric Data Monitoring in Clinical Trials: Can Disparities Between Patient and Clinician Reported Outcomes Predict Measurement Error? (Abstract)

Zhao-Collecting Better Quality Patient Reported Outcomes in Migraine: Baseline Patient Understanding of How to Record a Headache Day (Abstract)

Zhao-CNS Patients Prefer to Have Training that is Electronic, Interactive and Readily Available When Participating in a Clinical Trial (Abstract)