Synergy in Action

Developing Strategies to Improve Recruitment for Clinical Trials Targeting Neuropsychiatric Symptoms (NPS) in Memory Disorders

Chairs: Moyra Mortby, PhD; Paul Rosenberg, MD

Inaugural Meeting: 20th Annual Scientific Meeting, 21-23 February 2024, Washington DC – View slides, view summary

Neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS) are a key hallmark of the dementia and are associated with poor clinical prognosis, issues with patient
management/treatment, major caregiver burden, premature institutionalization and higher mortality risk. Despite these major clinical implications, the evidence base for efficacy of interventions remains thin, with currently only one FDA-approved drug. One of the major practical challenges in NPS intervention trials, as well as in other areas of research, is recruitment. Many recent trials have encountered very significant challenges in this area, both in terms of finding a sufficient number of eligible and interested participants and in terms of recruiting diverse cohorts. While NPS researchers share these challenges with the larger AD field, we note there are many challenges specific to the NPS area. The working group will discuss past and future recruitment challenges for trials in NPS-AD and related dementias and brainstorm solutions to draft a consensus paper presenting solutions proposed/workshopped by the group.