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Adaptive Design - Overview of Early Phase Designs and Challenges
Therapeutic Innovation and Regulatory Science
(January 2014)
O Marchenko, V Fedorov, J Lee, C Nolan, J Pinheiro

Methodological issues in negative symptom trials
Schizophrenia Bulletin, 2011 Mar;37(2):250-4. Epub 2011 Jan 26

SR Marder, DG Daniel, L Alphs, AG Awad, RS Keefe

Issues and perspectives in designing clinical trials for negative symptoms in schizophrenia

Stephen R.Marder a,s,⁎, Larry Alphs b, Ion-George Anghelescu u, Celso Arango d, Thomas R.E.Barnes e, Ivo Caers c,
David G. Daniel f,t, Eduardo Duneyevich g,W.Wolfgang Fleischhacker h, GeorgeGaribaldi i,Michael F. Green a,s,
Philip D. Harvey j, René S. Kahnk, John M. Kane l, Richard S.E. Keefe m, Bruce Kinon n, Stefan Leucht o,
Jean-Pierre Lindenmayer p, Anil K.Malhotra k,l, Virginia Stauffer n, Daniel Umbricht i, Keith Wesnes f,
Shitij Kapur q, Jonathan Rabinowitz r

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