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Negative Symptoms Working Group Activity / Deliverables

Chairs: Stephen Marder, MD; David Daniel, MD

Current Deliverable: Paper Submitted Revised Guidelines for Negative Symptom Trials
Manuscript Working Group Project page

Most Recent Activity:
Working Group Session 14th Annual Scientific Meeting-View Summary,  20 February 2018, Washington DC
Issues and Perspectives in Designing Clinical Trials for Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia
Methodological Issues in Negative Symptom Trials

Activity History: 
13th Annual Scientific Meeting – 21 February 2017, Washington DC
2014 Autumn Conference – 6 October 2014, Boston, MA
2013 Autumn Conference – 30 September 2013, Philadelphia, PA
(Session presentations slides found in Autumn Meeting file in LIBRARY)
2012 Autumn Negative Symptoms Working Group Session Plenary Report Back
Negative Symptoms Working Group Session Summary
Members who attended Working Group Dinner at 8th Annual Meeting received invitation to attend meeting of the group at the SIRS conference, April 2012, Florence Italy.