Synergy in Action

Estimands and Missing Data Working Group Activity / Deliverables

Chairs: Pilar Lim, PhD; Elena Polverejan, PhD

Current Deliverable: Developing paper – Draft title: Estimands and Analysis in the Presence of Missing Data and Other Treatment Confounders in a Depression Clinical Program

Most Recent Activity:
Working Group Session – 18th Annual Scientific MeetingView Slides – 23-25 February 2022, Washington DC
Working Group Session – 17th Annual Scientific Meeting-View Summary– 7 April 2021, Virtual
Working Group Session – 16th Annual Scientific Meeting-View Summary– 19 February 2020, Washington DC
Working Group Session Р15th Annual Scientific Meeting- View Slides Р19 February 2019, Washington DC
Working Group Session Р14th Annual Scientific Meeting-View Summary  Р20 February 2018, Washington DC
13th Annual Meeting – 21 February 2017 – Washington DC
Inaugural Working Group Session
Working group session was borne out of the Missing Data session presented at the 2016 Autumn Conference-View Meeting Presentations/Videos

Link to Estimands & Missing Data Project Materials