Synergy in Action

Working Group to Review Methodology/Collaboration Focused Grant Opportunities

Chairs: Atul Mahableshwarkar, MD; Gary Sachs, MD

INAUGURAL MEETING: 19th Annual Scientific Meeting, 15-17 February 2023, Washington DC – view summary

ISCTM’s mission is often unable to be fulfilled due to a lack of data needed to answer long standing fundamental methodological questions and the means to obtain such data. Periodically government and private foundations offer grants to address such issues and put forth requests for proposals requiring precompetitive collaboration for work beyond the reach of single companies and academic centers.
While ISCTM is eligible to respond to requests for proposals from government and private sources looking to address methodological issues, ISCTM has not responded to such RFPs in the past, largely because we lack a standing group focused on assessing these opportunities in a timely manner.

This group will evaluate interest and feasibility from the ISCTM’s membership for responding to a future RFP from funding sources. At this meeting, the group will:
     a) Review RFPs consistent with ISCTM’s mission
     b) Identify specific areas where the methodological expertise of ISCTM members could contribute as one of the core strengths of a Center
     c) Explore interested external collaborators such as academic centers, incubators that could be part of a network supporting a Center
     d) Identify technologies, start-ups, products in development that could benefit from multidisciplinary inputs treatments