Synergy in Action

Criteria for ISCTM Working Groups


It is essential that ISCTM-associated activities reflect the vision and unique culture of the society. ISCTM Working Groups offer a vehicle for those who wish to support our mission and will represent the Society publicly.

Objectives: Working Groups should have a clearly outlined objective and leadership proposal. Recommended working group chairs should have previous experience or expertise in the working group subject matter. Disclosures should accompany the proposal submission. Each group should clearly define the development of a product or set of products for the ISCTM as an objective, e.g., workshop, poster, report to the Executive Committee, white paper, peer-reviewed journal articles, report to the ISCTM community through web postings. This objective should include a project plan with milestones and rough timelines. The ISCTM Secretariat will provide logistical support for current deliverables for two (2) years. After the 2-year period, if work on the deliverable remains, the chairs may elect to manage the group themselves or request an extension. Extensions for support will be granted based on a review of the group’s achievements against its original objectives and current relevance to ISCTM’s goals. This review should be detailed in the extension request to provide transparency and justification for continued resources.

Governance and Approval: All products developed by Working Groups require Executive Committee approval prior to their formal submission or release. A formal proposal indicating objectives, deliverables, timeline, recommended chairs with disclosures, and expenses above ordinary (i.e., standard AV, reimbursement as detailed below) must be submitted to and sanctioned by the Full Executive Committee. Submit a working group proposal to the ISCTM Executive Director.

Regulatory Contact Protocol: Direct contact with regulators by Working Groups is strictly prohibited. Any request for regulatory participation must be channeled through the ISCTM Secretariat to ensure a coordinated and official approach. This protocol is established to maintain consistency in communication and uphold the integrity of interactions with regulatory bodies. If a regulator agrees to participate, the regulator will be included in working group communications on behalf of the chairs.

Meeting and Reimbursement Policies: A one-time face-to-face meeting can be the first step towards a working group or a deliverable of an ongoing working group. Meeting registration is waived for the chairs of Working Groups holding sessions at the meeting. Travel Reimbursement is in accordance with the ISCTM Travel Reimbursement policy. At the time of request for a face-to-face meeting, working group chair travel reimbursement request must be submitted to the Executive Director for Executive Finance Committee approval of full or partial reimbursement.

Membership and Participation: All ISCTM members are eligible to participate in ongoing working groups. Working group meetings conducted at ISCTM face-to-face meetings are open to all registrants. ISCTM members will be advised when a group is forming and have an opportunity to submit their names to the chairs for inclusion in the group. At the discretion of the chairs, nonmembers with expertise critical to the optimal functioning of the working group may be invited to provide technical expertise as participants after review and approval by the Scientific Committee but will not participate in strategic decision-making. To facilitate active participation, a structured feedback mechanism will be established to capture all members’ insights and concerns throughout the project timeline, ensuring diverse viewpoints are considered and integrated into the working group’s deliverables.

Revisions approved May 2024