Synergy in Action

Criteria for ISCTM Working Groups


It is important that ISCTM associated activities reflect the vision and unique culture of the society. ISCTM Working Groups will represent the society publically and therefore the Executive Committee has adopted the following guidelines:

  • Objectives
    • Working Groups should have a clearly outlined objective and leadership proposal.
    • Each group should clearly define the development of a product or set of products for the ISCTM as an objective. (e.g. workshop, poster, report to the EC; white paper; peer reviewed journal articles; report to ISCTM community through web postings ). This objective should include a project plan with milestones and rough timelines.
    • All published products require EC approval prior to their release.
    • A workshop can be the first step towards a working group or it can be a deliverable of an ongoing working group. A workshop is open to participation from any attendee of ISCTM meetings and is meant to help develop and communicate ideas being developed by the Work Group. A workshop must work within the framework of the working group.
    • Each group will be regularly measured and assessed by the Full Executive Committee.
  • Forming a Working Group
    • Proposal Submission: A formal proposal indicating objectives, deliverables, and expenses above ordinary (i.e. standard AV, reimbursement as detailed below) must be submitted to and sanctioned by the Full Executive Committee. Submit to Executive Director.
    • A working group resulting from a workshop must still follow sanction process.
    • Working Groups after being commissioned are under jurisdiction of SC.
    • Working groups should have pre-defined sunsets based on defined deliverables

The need for the group should be defined by the deliverables they expect to produce. If the final deliverable is met, and there is a request to continue for another deliverable it can be sanctioned by the EC to continue.

  • Leadership
    • Chair(s) are recommended by the Scientific Committee Chair, to the EC for approval.  Recommended chair disclosures should accompany the submission.
    • Term for leadership, up to two years. Renewable for an additional term, upon approval by EC. For ease of transition and ongoing continuity, ISCTM recommends staggering the roll off of the chairs.
  • Participation
    • Working group membership is limited to ISCTM members with the following exceptions:
      • Non members with expertise that is critical to the optimal functioning of the working group may be invited to provide technical expertise , as participants after review and approval by the Scientific Committee, but will not participate in strategic decision making.
      • Working group dinners conducted at ISCTM face to face meetings are open to all registrants.
    • ISCTM members will be advised when a group is forming and have an opportunity to submit name to the chairs for inclusion in the group. Participation is at the discretion of the chairs.
    • Once a working group is formed, adding members will take place on an as needed basis, or when the group reconstitutes around a new set of objectives.
    • Members should advise the chairs of the working group and the Executive Director if interested in joining an already formed group.
  • Reimbursement Policy
    • Meeting registration is waived for the chairs of Working Groups holding sessions at the meeting.
    • Travel Reimbursement is in accordance with the ISCTM Travel Reimbursement policy.
    • Request for exceptions for experts including estimated expenses must be included in the formal proposal, or prior to a meeting,  and approved by the Core EC.