Synergy in Action

2019 Autumn Conference – Includes Joint Day with ECNP

05 – 07 September, 2019   //   Hotel Bella Sky, Copenhagen, Denmark


Thursday, 5 September – Welcome Reception

Friday, 6 September – Joint Day with ECNP

Session 1: Clinical trials for treatment resistant neuropsychiatric conditions
Chairs: Wolfgang Fleischhacker, Philip Harvey

Lack of adequate response to currently available treatments is common across multiple neuropsychiatric conditions. Development of treatments that work for treatment resistant patients has shared challenges across conditions. These challenges will be discussed in this symposium, which will address schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders/PTSD.

Session 2: Neurocognitive challenges in treatment trials for epilepsy and multiple sclerosis
Chairs: Jill Rasmussen, Christoph Helmstaedter
This session will discuss clinical trial design and regulatory process to determine the efficacy and safety of interventions that effect cognition in epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

Session 3: Drug development for autism spectrum disorder: challenges and opportunities
Chairs: Valentina Mantua, Tiffany Farchione, Celso Arango

There is a clear unmet need in the availability of medicinal products for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Despite the great amount of scientific investigation into the neurodevelopmental and biological causes of ASD, research has failed in delivering a therapy. The session will follow the drug development process addressing the areas of major interest from molecular targets and pathways to biomarkers for population stratification and outcome assessments. The main trial design methodology challenges will be addressed and this would feed regulatory considerations and discussion.

Evening ISCTM Poster Session/Reception

7 September 2019 (adjourns before the start of ECNP Congress)
Session 4: Developing pharmacological treatments for the rapid reduction of suicidal ideation in depression
Chairs: Carla Canuso, Philippe Courtet, Suresh Durgam

Several pharmaceutical companies have initiated treatment trials targeting the rapid reduction of suicidal ideation in depression, utilizing a new class of potentially rapidly acting antidepressants. This symposium will address the unique methodological and regulatory challenges that accompany this novel indication and vulnerable patient population.

Working Group Sessions will take place in the afternoon, adjourning prior to the start of the ECNP meeting.

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