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ISCTM 2020 Autumn Conference Poster Submission

ISCTM 2020 Autumn Conference
21-25 September 2020
Virtual Conference


The ISCTM Poster Committee is calling for Abstracts with content pertaining to significant CNS methodological problems-solutions relevant to the meeting program topics or previous ISCTM topics. ABSTRACTS AND POSTERS MUST BE FREE OF COMMERCIAL BIAS OR PROMOTION. (Please see Guidelines)

Submission Process: You may submit your Abstract online by filling out the form provided below or by EMAIL. If submitting by email, please be sure to include all requested information. You will receive a confirmation of receipt.

Submission Deadline: 9 July 2020

Notification: 5 August 2020

Meeting Dates: 21-25 September 2020

Formal poster session: TBA
Presenter must register for the meeting and attend the formal session. Poster session is part of the Scientific Program. ISCTM recommends that the poster be presented by the first author.  If that is not possible, please designate which author will be present.

Poster Review: Certificates of Recognition will be awarded.  In order to facilitate judging, please provide .pdf of poster to Secretariat for review by judging committee by Tuesday, 15 September. 

Poster Dimensions:  Landscape orientation
(Refer to Guidelines link above for additional formatting information)

Submission should contain:

  1. Title, all authors, author affiliations
  2. Methodological Question being addressed
  3. Abstract content should be formatted into sections as outlined in the Guidelines, with word count up to 500 exclusive of title, authors, affiliations.
  4. Please review Guidelines before submitting abstract.

If you are submitting abstract on behalf of author, please be sure to enter your name and email under Submitter.  Thank you.

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