Synergy in Action

ISCTM/ECNP Joint COVID-19 CNS Clinical Trials Methodologies Blueprint

Chairs: Kemi Olugemo, MD; Dragana Bugarski-Kirola, MD; Gerard Dawson, BSc, DPhil

Upcoming Activity: Working Group Session – 2021 Autumn Conference includes joint day with ECNP. The COVID-19 CNS clinical trials methodologies blueprint WG will convene to discuss key learnings from the speaker sessions, in addition to ongoing manuscript strategy and next steps.

Most Recent Activity: Working Group Session, 17th Annual Scientific Meeting-View Summary, 7 April 2021


The unprecedented outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has quickly altered everyone’s life and forced us to re-think our practices, adopt safe ways to operate and adopt emerging technologies to address the upcoming challenges in clinical trials. Thus, there is a rising need to join forces and explore all possible ways to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in clinical trials while attempting to advance our approaches and capabilities to bring new medicines to patients.

We invite you to join the ISCTM/ECNP Joint COVID-19 CNS Clinical Trial Methodologies Blueprint Working Group in a joint journey to navigate the COVID-19 disruption and unfold its transformative potential in clinical trials methodologies.

The objectives of the working group are to:

  1. Determine the effect of COVID-19 on analysis and interpretation of CNS clinical trial data (safety endpoints, efficacy endpoints, rater training, in clinic and remote monitoring through digital technology, e.g., sensors/wearables, apps) using 3 diverse disease states as specific examples
  2. Describe impact of direct effects as well as post-COVID syndromes on CNS clinical trials (neurological manifestations, NEURO-COVID, depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.) to inform the COVID-19 session at the Fall 2021 joint ISCTM/ECNP meeting
  3. Develop guidelines for trial design modifications to assist sponsor companies in minimizing risks to data integrity

Findings from the working group will inform the COVID-19 session at the Autumn 2021 Joint ISCTM/ECNP Conference 30 September – 02 October (Autumn 2021 Joint Conference Agenda at a Glance), as well as a manuscript detailing recommendations for management of regulatory, technological, and methodological issues related to COVID-19.