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Prevention Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease Working Group Activity / Deliverables

Chairs: Holly Posner, MD; Philip Harvey, PhD

Next Activity: Working Group meeting, 16th Annual Scientific Meeting, 19 February 2020, Washington DC

Current Activity:
Developing publication based on last three meetings 

Most recent Activity:
Working Group Session – 15th Annual Scientific Meeting – View Slides – 21 February 2019, Washington DC
Working Group session –2018 Autumn Conference-View Summary and Slides– 16 October 2018, Marina del Rey, CA
Working Group Session – 14th Annual Scientific Meeting-View Summary – 20 February 2018, Washington DC
Performance based and observational assessments in clinical trials across the alzheimers disease spectrum
Outcomes assessment in clinical trials of alzheimers disease and its precursors readying for short term and long term clinical trial needs

Activity History:
Working Group Dinner, 21 February 2017, Washington DC
Presentations: Arrighi; Beckett; Bilgel
2016 Autumn Conference, 26 September 2016, Philadelphia, PA
Presentations: Arrighi;   Sabbagh
Working Group Dinner, 16 February 2016
Presentations: Ryan; Hendrix; Walton; Lasser
Working Group Dinner, 17 February 2015, Washington DC
Presentations:  Cosentino; Schneider; Report Back Summary
2014 Autumn Conference, 6 October 2014, Boston, MA
Working Group Dinner
, 18 February 2014, Washington DC
2013 Autumn Conference – 30 September 2013, Philadelphia, PA
(Session presentation slides found in Autumn Meeting file in LIBRARY)
Working Group Dinner
, 18 February 2013, The Fairmont Washington DC
2012 Autumn Conference Workshop