Synergy in Action

20th Annual Scientific Meeting Posters

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Adler – Basket trial designs for CNS diseases: The benefits and the drawbacks (Abstract)

Avissar – Identification and prospective replication of an EEG biomarker for predicting the antidepressant effect of ALTO-300 in patients with Major Depression: Results from a large Phase 2a study (Abstract)

Belanger – Consistency checks to improve measurement of agitation in a clinical trial setting (Abstract)

Bergeria – Developing the first clinical outcome assessment for opioid craving as an FDA qualified drug development tool (DDT) (Abstract)

Besedina – Correspondence between recalled versus daily eDiary assessments of headache frequencies in patients with episodic migraine (Abstract)

Blankenship – Advancing Alzheimer’s disease research with patient-centric digital endpoints of function (Abstract)

Brooker – Validation of the web based version of the CDR SystemTM (Abstract)

Cai Shi – Measuring remission and response using CDRS-R and MADRS: An analysis in adolescents with MDD and imminent risk for suicide (Abstract)

Cohen – Speech latency analysis for clinical trial enrichment: Towards industrial scalability (Abstract)

Colbert – Efficacy of recruitment techniques for a decentralized trial of a digital therapeutic for migraine (Abstract)

Companioni – Analysis of correlation of the Clinical and Patient Global Impression of Improvement Scales in acute schizophrenia clinical trials (Abstract)

Conrad – Improving administration and scoring in CAPS-5 (Abstract)

Dörr – Optimizing diagnostic efficiency: Trade-off analysis of RAVLT trials in discriminating mild and subjective cognitive impairment (Abstract)

Echevarria – Impact of rater change on data variability in MADRS total score in depression trials using site versus independent raters (Abstract)

Fan – Evaluating the potential impact of digital health technology tool use on efficacy and adherence in schizophrenia trials (Abstract)

Geraci – Evaluating drug efficacy: Leveraging machine learning insights from placebo response modeling (Abstract)

Geraci – Identifying efficacy variables for use of escitalopram in mild major depression disorder (MDD): Implications for treatment-resistant MDD trials (Abstract)

Harvey – Using active and passive digital phenotyping to increase signals in early stage drug development trials (Abstract)

Horan – Further evaluation of the pro-cognitive effect of KarXT in acutely symptomatic schizophrenia: Consideration of cognitive sub-domains and methodological factors (Abstract)

Kaat – Test-retest reliability and practice effects on the NIH Toolbox Cognition Battery in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (Abstract)

Kark – Emotional valence of picture stimuli modulates audio and video digital measurements observed in natural settings in schizophrenia (Abstract)

Kark – Within-subject changes in MADRS scores are correlated with changes in audio-video digital traits in major depressive disorder (Abstract)

Kaula – Remote verbal learning over repeated exposures for six months (Abstract)

Kay – Development of the Episodic Agitation Scale (Abstract)

Kogan – Placebo response prediction for optimizing treatment effect estimation in major depressive disorder (Abstract)

Kothare – Relationship between sample size and responsiveness of speech-based digital biomarkers in ALS (Abstract)

Kott – Sources of noise in PANSS ratings (Abstract)

Langfus – Calibrating the optimized PANSS10 short form in three independent clinical trials (Abstract)

Le Nguyen – Feasibility of a fully remote, Phase II, interventional decentralized clinical trial in major depressive disorder: Lessons learned (Abstract)

Li – An EEG-based, machine learning biomarker to identify responsive vs. non-responsive subjects in an MDD clinical trial: Initial validation data from the EMBARC study database (Abstract)

Mallick – Automatic detection of cheating behavior on remotely conducted word list learning tests using speech analysis (Abstract)

McCoy – Deriving cross-cognitive task outcome measures using dimensionality reduction techniques (Abstract)

Micaletto – Charting schizophrenia: Investigating symptom landscapes of subjects recruited pre/post Covid-19 (Abstract)

Montero – An empirical view of our US primary endpoint evaluators’ work stress and task burnout (Abstract)

Newsome – Towards fully automated rating scale review: Identifying a speech feature signature for administration variances in CDR interviews during Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials (Abstract)

Nicholas – Serial reschedulers: The relationship between repeated reschedule attempts, attendance, and screening for MDD trial participants (Abstract)

Pratap – Formation of a digital working alliance with a digital therapeutic to treat experiential negative symptoms of schizophrenia (Abstract)

Price – Understanding the challenges of masking in psychedelic clinical trials: A comprehensive review (Abstract)

Psimas – Precision matters: An analysis of how various scores behave when measuring change over time; factors that inform score selection for the best results (Abstract)

Setton – Quantitative, standardized brain network activity measures to inform CNS treatment development (Abstract)

Shiovitz – Different last 4 of ID provided – A red flag for the professional subject? (Abstract)

Siegel – Estimating heterogeneity of treatment effects in clinical trials (Abstract)

Simmatis – Towards multimodal dysarthria assessment that incorporates clinical judgement (Abstract)

Sirbu – Are trial endpoints actually on point? Longitudinal measurement invariance in depression clinical trials using the MADRS (Abstract)

Skirrow – Clinical Outcome Assessments in clinical trials: When is the gold standard just the old standard (Abstract)

Sloan – A pilot trial of symptom-triggered alcohol withdrawal management delivered over telemedicine (Abstract)

Spear – Use of a novel pharmacogenomic biomarker to enrich responders for liafensine in TRD from a phase 2 clinical trial (Abstract)

Therrien – Word of the day: Patient perspectives in a Phase 4, open-label study of adjunctive brexpiprazole in major depressive disorder (Abstract)

Tumati – Measuring clinically relevant change in apathy symptoms in ADMET & ADMET 2 (Abstract)

Wacker – Investigating cognitive practice effects in schizophrenia using repeated assessment at short retest intervals prior to randomization in a clinical trial (Abstract)