Synergy in Action

2021 Autumn Conference Posters

Click title to view pdf. Posters are listed in alpha order by first author. 

Alphs- Use of a pharmacogenomic biomarker to retarget a failed clinical trial with DB104 (Liafensine) in depression (abstract)

Bilderbeck- Subjective cognitive decline and cognitive task performance: patient selection via social media and digital assessment validity (abstract)

Branders- Should placebo responders be excluded from RCTs? (abstract)

Cormack- Efficient assessment of emotional bias using item response theory and decision tree computerised adaptive testing (abstract)

Daniel, D- Assessing the severity of anxiety symptoms at study entry into acute schizophrenia clinical trials (abstract)

Daniel, M- Measuring within-child change in treatment studies of low-functioning children (abstract)

Dorffner- Investigating the proper adaptation of sleep scoring algorithms for pediatric trials (abstract)

Fernandes- Charting the proteome landscape in major psychiatric disorders: From biomarkers to biological pathways to precise drug development (abstract)

Horan- Qualitative analysis of the content validity of the Virtual Reality Functional Capacity Assessment Tool (VRFCAT) in schizophrenia: An FDA-funded study (abstract)

Khan- Multimodal AI based facial and acoustic biomarkers of negative symptoms in schizophrenia (abstract)

Kott- Exploring discordant data in dementia clinical trials (abstract)

Kott- Positive and negative symptom predominance in the screening period in acute schizophrenia trials: An exploratory analysis (abstract)

Micaletto- Borderline across borderlines: Regional variation in who enters clinical trials (abstract)

Miller- Impact of protocol design on between scale discrepancies in early AD clinical trials (abstract)

Morlock- Placebo Response Propensity Scale (PRPS) scores and probability of placebo response by disease severity (abstract)

Opler- Application of a novel analytic methodology to improve PANSS data quality and signal detection in a global clinical trial of schizophrenia (abstract)

Rabinowitz- Scoring consistency checks for the Clinician Administered PTSD Scale (CAPS) (abstract)

Ropacki- PORTICO – A case study in overcoming methodological challenges in borderline personality disorder clinical development (abstract)

Roy- Monitoring of scale administration and videography improves quality in a study of a rare genetic neuromuscular disease (abstract)

Sauder- Methodological approaches to outliers in cognitive assessment for schizophrenia: A post-hoc analysis of the EMERGENT-1 study (abstract)

Singh- Thalamic structure and function in youth with and at familial risk for bipolar disorder (abstract)

Wiers- Is elevating BHB by a ketone ester supplement sufficient in reducing alcohol craving and consumption in alcohol use disorder? (abstract)