Synergy in Action

2019 Autumn Conference Posters

Click title to view pdf. Posters are listed in alpha order by first author. 

Abbas-Using smartphones to measure symptoms of schizophrenia in patients enrolled in a clinical trial (abstract)

Chatham-Computational optimization & participatory design of a novel spatial working memory task for clinical trials in Autism (abstract)

Daniel-Early errors in ePRO completion predict future errors – An opportunity for intervention? (abstract)

Dawson-Critical evaluation of Vineland-II™ and Vineland-3™ as outcome measures for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) clinical trials (abstract)

Di Cesare-New paediatric cognitive assessment methods for epilepsy clinical trials in middle-lower and low income developing countries (abstract)

Echevarria-Variability in rates of rating errors in the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale across different countries (abstract)

Farmer-IRT person ability scores as an alternative to norm-referenced scores in clinical trials of neurodevelopmental disability (abstract)

Goldman-Impact of cognitive heterogeneity on signal detection in a 6-month trial of cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia (abstract)

Gruber-Sleep analysis with a novel, integrated sleep and vigilance monitoring device (Somno-Art) as compared to a full PSG solution in apneic patients and healthy controls – an applicable alternative? (abstract)

Gurrell-Utility of the double-blind crossover design protocol for proof-of-principle photosensitivity model assessment of PF-06372865 (abstract)

Horigome-Evaluating the severity of depressive symptoms using upper body motion captured by RGB-depth sensors and machine learning (abstract)

Howley-Training improves patient understanding of complex PRO terminology: nausea and vomiting (abstract)

Khan-Integrating electronic patient reported outcomes (ePROs) in schizophrenia trials: Clinician and Patient Perceptions for scale refinement (abstract)

Khurana-Accuracy in identifying and describing seizures among potential clinical trial subjects with and without epilepsy (abstract)

Kirkpatrick-The 3rd generation of negative symptom assessment: Validation of digital phenotyping measures in schizophrenia (abstract)

Kott-Linking the PSP and CGI in subjects with predominant negative symptoms – an exploratory analysis (abstract)

Liu-The Qualitative Assessment of Biopsychosocial Conditions (Qual-ABC) reviewer scores as an indicator of Screen Failure and Early Termination (abstract)

Loebel-Signal detection in schizophrenia clinical trials: Contribution of responders vs. partial/non-responders (abstract)

McNamara-Beyond the C-SSRS: The utility of incorporating direct patient reports of suicidality into clinical trial safety monitoring (abstract)

Micaletto-Improving data quality and administration of CDR system in clinical trials  (abstract)

Mohse-Methodological insights from an exploratory pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic study of scopolamine and donepezil in healthy males (abstract)

Pollentier-Driving paradigm optimization for clinical trials: The RTOC pre-competitive consortium and validation of reward processing tasks (abstract)

Pratap-Utilizing smartphones to assess depression: Insights from two large scale fully remote randomized clinical trials (abstract)

Ropacki-REIMAGINE: A CNS basket trial to explore the safety and efficacy of vafidemstat on aggression in different psychiatric disorders (abstract)

Roy-The impact of a data quality program on the Neuropsychiatric Inventory-Clinician rating scale (NPI-C) in agitation in dementia clinical trials (abstract)

Sauder-The potential benefits of utilizing a standard of care treatment study to prepare participants for enrollment in a treatment resistant depression (TRD) clinical trial (abstract)

Simillion-Treasure Hunt: A game-theoretic approach to detecting changes in Theory of Mind (abstract)

Simpson- Use of a voice-based digital biomarker in patients with depression (abstract)

Smigorski-Central rating review leads to reduced error rates and improved data quality – a case study from a phase III clinical trial in Prodromal Alzheimer’s Disease (abstract)

Targum-Concordance analyses of paired PANSS surveillance ratings in a schizophrenia study (abstract)

Tiller-A novel explainable AI approach to differentiate drug and placebo responders: Offering the opportunity for enhanced patient selection (abstract)

Yavorsky-What are the characteristics of the CADSS in the assessment of dissociation related to first administration esketamine in treatment-resistant depression? (abstract)